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Why us
Why us

Chandor since 1991,over than 20 years produce experience. We can provide product up to client demands and also OEM.

Various of products
Hot melt series, Epoxy series, Acrylic acid series, Anaerobic series, Cyanoacrylate series , Organic series

Chandor keeps improving the technical quality of its products since it started HMA business. From a single product to a whole series of products, every piece has been developed according to customers’ demands and market trend.
We have a strong R&D team which keeps close contact with domestic and oversea adhesive associations and academic institutions for technical communication. In order to meet the ever-changing market demands, we have continually developed new products covering EVA series, TPR series, polyolefin series, polyamide series, PUR reactive HMA along with other specialty chemicals.

After-sale service
Shipment Tracking

1. After sending out the goods, our customer service staff will email to you or the consignee the transportation company’s name, tracking number, phone number.
2. In case of any inconvenience to check the transportation condition, please call us at 86-595-22355888. We have specially assigned staff to track goods delivery. If the consignee, phone number or address changes, please also contact our customer service staff. We will try our best to help you solve the problem.

Goods Return & Replacement

Any dissatisfaction about product quality, please send us a written document within one week after receiving the goods. After confirmation by our company, buyers should finish the return/replacement procedures within one week. Or you can negotiate with the sales person for other solutions.
Technical Service

With professional R&D and technical service team, chandor is capable of designing all-around product solutions for production, QC, new products development, new processing implementation and cost reduction. Please call us at 86-595-22355888, we are at your service all the time.


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